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We are a group of scientists and engineers dedicated to building the finest data analysis and visualization software for clients developing transformative pharmaceutical and diagnostic products.

We use an agile, test-driven development process that leverages open-source software when possible. Let us build something amazing for you.



We have extensive preexisting knowledge and experience in academic and industry biotechnology research and software development.

Tailored design

We know that every experiment and analysis plan is different. We work closely with your scientists and internal IT to design software data pipelines that fit your exact needs.

Exceptional value

Located in business-friendly and low-overhead eastern Idaho, we are able to provide the highest quality solutions at a very competitive price.

Rapid development

We develop in-house, open source tools that provide a powerful launchpad to get your solution delivered quickly.




Risk-based Custom Software Design and Implementation

We create software designed to satisfy software development best practices and GxP requirements by relying on test driven development for rapid iteration of software within quality environments.

Technical Writing and Quality System Support

We provide full support for the documentation requirements for software processes interacting with GxP requirements and technical writing resources for quality system documentation support.

Validation and Verification

Specializing in process/equipment software, we can assist in validating custom software packages as required by 21 CFR Part 11

Data Science, Informatics, and Computational Biology

We offer premiere data science and informatics support provided by our in house data science team.






Sabroso is a software framework designed to make it easy to develop full-functionality, custom, web-based data visualization applications in rapid time.

There are two core components of sabroso:

  • A Python backend, implemented in Django-REST, which stores user data and performs custom, requested data transformations. The intended use of this backend is for the developer to insert fully custom data analysis pipelines for use within their application. It is designed with the use of the SciPy stack in mind, so that machine learning and complex statistical operations should be easily integrated into workflows.
  • A React/Redux javascript front end, which communicates with the backend and allows for uses to push data into the system and interact with custom data visualizations defined by the developer.

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Accendero Software is hiring! Located in Idaho Falls, ID, we are a software consulting firm that specializes in infrastructure and scientific software development for the next generation of Pharmaceutical and Data Science startups. We are looking for passionate, motivated software engineers to help move a variety of client projects forward. Accendero Software offers excellent compensation, benefits and clear advancement potential based on personal performance.

Accendero Software offers a relaxed and comfortable office environment so engineers can focus on engineering. We rely on all of our team member's experiences to build and plan our projects, and encourage our engineers to actively learn new technologies. We operate by the idea that input from the whole team is important in project planning and operations. We host a technology group monthly, so if you're interested in coming by, click here for details.

Accendero Software, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics.

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Leadership team

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Alan E Barber II, Ph.D.

Alan is the founder and CEO of Accendero Software. He has twelve years of biotechnology software development and research experience in academia and industry



Michael Barber

Michael is the head of business operations for Accendero Software. He has seven years of project and business management experience. This includes six years as CEO of an international e-commerce firm.



Andy Honeycutt

Andy has been professionally engaged in software engineering for 20 years. He has a strong background in systems and infrastructure design either internal or cloud.