Our custom software solutions


Early stage process control and workflow management
Custom platforms for sharing visualizations and reports with stakeholders
Inexpensive and fully onshore custom software development solutions




We meet you where you are, when you need it. No minimum contracts and flexible maintenance agreements after deployment to keep your company moving forward without straining budgets.


Doing business in low cost Idaho creates incredibly competitive rates for fully onshore solutions. No hidden fees, initiation costs or onerous licensing agreements. You pay for development. Period.

Area Expertise

Multiple years of expertise in both software development and data science in the biotechnical and scientific industry keep the focus on building the software, not on puzzling out your workflow.

Novel Tools

In house frameworks developed with an emphasis on flexibility and wide applicability get your project from design to production in a quick and efficient manner without all the technical bloat.


International Isotoptes

"Accendero Software has been a great partner in helping drive our software and business forward and bringing it into compliance with regulatory requirements. Their knowledge, attention to detail and customer service is unsurpassed. We highly recommend them." -Steve Laflin, President/CEO, International Isotopes, Inc.

Governmental and Academic Partners

We work with various government and academic partners to help accelerate progress. See our Statement of Capabilities


Confidential Start-up and Series A Partners

We work with the next generation of great biotechnology and scientific companies to drive science forward.

Our Team

Alan Barber

Alan has a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Francisco and brings 15+ years of industry and academic experience in bioinformatics, data science, and software development.

Andy Honeycutt
VP Software Engineering

Andy has 20+ years of software development experience and has designed custom solutions for companies of all sizes (including Fortune 50 enterpises).

Michael Barber
VP Business Operations

Michael has spent 10+ years in business and project management in both the private and public sectors.

Chad McIntire
Data Analyst
Layne Lund
Junior Software Engineer
Jordan Mobley
Junior Software Engineer
Zach Hulse
Junior Software Engineer
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