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  • How to design and execute an operations improvement strategy through software

    Date released: October 4, 2019

    Current revision: 2


    Software is often marketed as a key pillar to increase operations efficiency, but the practice of finding efficiency through software is far more difficult than simply making a purchasing decision. This whitepaper presents a walkthrough to design and execute a holistic strategy to increase operations efficiency using software and an agile implementation process.

  • Operations software demystified

    Date released: October 16, 2019

    Current revision: 1


    The field of operations software is filled with opaque acronyms and dense descriptions. This goal of this white paper is to lay out commonly used terms and their relationship to one another.

  • Six operations scenarios where a software consultant is necessary

    Date released: November 15, 2019

    Current revision: 1


    Given the complexity of solving enterprise operations inefficiencies, the correct path forward can be difficult to ascertain. In this whitepaper, we present 6 common scenarios where the best path forward is to engage with a software operations consultant to determine a solution.

  • Sabroso

    Sabroso is a software framework designed to make it easy to develop full-functionality, custom, web-based data visualization applications in rapid time.

    There are two core components of sabroso:

    • A Python backend, implemented in Django-REST, which stores user data and performs custom, requested data transformations. The intended use of this backend is for the developer to insert fully custom data analysis pipelines for use within their application. It is designed with the use of the SciPy stack in mind, so that machine learning and complex statistical operations should be easily integrated into workflows.
    • A React/Redux javascript front end, which communicates with the backend and allows for users to push data into the system and interact with custom data visualizations defined by the developer.
  • Neurological data visualization project

    This project is a collaboration with the Yokoyama lab at UCSF. We are developing a platform to visualize data mapped onto brain surfaces using open source projects currently available.